MKE cable duct system


The MKE cable dust system is designed for building small and medium electrical wiring and ICT systems. The system is divided into groups based on the height of system elements: 11 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm, 25 mm and 30 mm. Cable ducts can be either without partitions or with 1 or 2 partitions placed symmetrically or asymmetrically.


Types of solid partitions


For example, the MKE 18/50 duct is 18 mm high , 50 mm wide and features one chamber only (no partition). The MKE 18/50 2k duct has one partition dividing it into two symmetrical chambers. The MKE 18/50 2kas has two asymmetrical chambers. On top of that, there is the MKE 18/50 3k cable duct with three symmetrical chambers. Ducts are connected using inside elbows (NW), outside elbows (NZ) and up/down elbows (LK). The smaller types of cable ducts (e.g. MKE 11/15, MKE 11/40 and MKE 15/32) can be used for distributing cables from the bigger ducts (e.g. MKE 18/50) towards surface-mounted fittings. For branching, the surface-mounted gang box PU 80x80 should be used. The MKE cable duct system is compatible with all kinds of surface-mounted fittings from the leading producers available. The standard duct length is 2 m. 

MKE cable duct system


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