KE cable duct system


Thanks to its larger diameter permitting more cables inside, the KE cable ducts are designed for routing mains and networks connecting multiple electrical and logical access points. The standard duct length is 2 m. Similarly to the MKE cable ducts, the KE ducts are divided into several groups based on the height of system elements: 30 mm, 40 mm and 60 mm. KE 40/60, 40/90 and 60/90 cable ducts are available in two versions either with the asymmetrical partition or without any partition (see below). The KE 30/60 duct can have only one asymmetrical partition compatible with MKE 30/32. The cable ducts with inner partitions are used for routing ICT networks together with electrical grids, both in one profile.


ke 2


KE 60/110, KE 60/130 and KE 60/150 ducts are supplied without partitions, however they feature T-brackets for mounting the partitions or other fittings (e.g. KD gang boxes). All KE cable ducts are equipped with expansion clamps. The clamps reinforce the cable duct and hold cables before the duct cover is applied. 4 clamps should be mounted in a standard duct of 2 m. To improve the appearance of the system and speed up its installation, the duct system also features many joint fittings: NW inside elbows, NZ outside elbows, LK up/down elbows, LPRO straight joints and ZAK end caps.schemat KE