KPP cable duct system

KPP cable ducts are used to route lager quantities of electrical and IT cables. The KPP ducts are different from the KE ducts in the mounting of duct covers. In KPP, the cover is applied inside a duct. This is advantageous as the duct can be installed very closely to other structural elements, such as under window sills, or adjacent to another cable duct. Another advantage is the easy fitting of KD gang boxes and RK frames without the need to install straight joints in order to conceal the points of connection (the cover is inserted under such fittings). The straight joints are installed to hide connections between ducts or covers.



KPP 60/130, KPP 60/110 and KPP 60/90 are ducts with T-brackets integrated in the duct base and spaced 35 mm. The brackets are designed for fitting PR partitions, KD gang boxes and all kinds of fittings compatible with 35 mm ducts. KD gang boxes can be used to install outlets, connectors, sockets, etc. The KPP cable duct system features many joint fittings: NW inside elbows, NZ outside elbows, LK up/down elbows, LPRO straight joints and ZAK end caps.